Stepping up the Game!

From a passion for the bush to a passion for the people. Great Game Meat aims to provide quality game meat, from sustainable game farms, right to your door. To us, it is not just about the meat but the meal; the experience; and the treasured memories.

Game is our passion and we take great pride in playing our part in preserving our environment. However, we promise to bring you the best quality cuts to your doorstep while doing so.

If you have something specific in mind and do not see what you are looking for, let us know and we will source it for you.

We hope to see you step up your Game soon!

Our Meats

100% GAME

Think about it… Eland droëwors on your rugby platter to impress the Boys, or that delicious kudu ‘wildspotjie’ that will make your mother-in-law like you just a smidgen more. Maybe it’s time to step up your game.

Whole/Half Carcass

Catering for a big South African family? Or do you fall into the ‘extreme-meat-lover’ category?

If yes, order the whole/half carcass venison cut!

Portioned Meat

Planning a braai?

Order a beautifully cut, flavoursome steak to compliment that bottle of red wine you bought!

Biltong/ Dry Wors

Spoil yourself!

There’s no better treat than tasty biltong or dry wors that has been spiced to perfection. Is that your mouth watering?

Speciality Meat

Tell us what would make Sunday lunch extraordinary!

We are here to provide speciality meat cuts upon request.

So why choose

  Great Game Meat…

Over the past few years, game meat has become a healthier alternative to beef:

  • Being leaner than other meats by about two-thirds, game meat has less calories than chicken and is richer in iron and protein.
  • Game meat is high in Vitamin B6 and B12 which aids in reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
  • Besides the obvious health benefits, game meat is also kinder to the environment – both organically and naturally.

the answer is

  neither chicken nor beef …

Order your great game meat today!

Please select your cut of choice

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We deliver

100% GAME

We offer delivery in Pretoria for all orders over the value of R300 and over R500 for Johannesburg. This includes the hamper deliveries for birthdays and special occasions.

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